Our Staff

As our organization grows, so does the need for additional support to help us achieve our vision of a healthy and thriving community no longer limited by hypoparathyroidism.

We currently have openings for a few staff-level volunteers as well as short-term positions for specific projects.

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Kell Polly

Kell Polly

Editing & Business Administration

Kell’s background with nonprofit organizations began with a volunteer position in a small community thrift store in 1995. Over the next twenty-three years, they held additional staff and staff-management positions within other nonprofits with larger storefronts, non-retail customers, and greater administrative demands.

In 2018, Kell earned their undergraduate degree from the University of Vermont, where they majored in philosophy, with a focused interest in the philosophy of disability as diversity.

Also bringing with them a strong writing and editing background, Kell is excited to be working with HPSA to help advance understanding of both the condition of hypoparathyroidism and life with HypoPara.

Michael Messina

Michael Messina

Marketing & Copywriting

Michael brings a rich background in communication, storytelling, and writing. With a Master’s Degree in Advertising from Boston University, Michael has honed his talents in the creative world of copywriting. 

Utilizing his undergraduate film degree, Michael has also enjoyed a colorful career as a professional actor and voiceover artist for over a decade. 

He is also driven by his desire to be proactive in the world of orphan diseases, specifically hypoparathyroidism. He is wholeheartedly committed to lending his advertising, marketing, and copywriting expertise to help promote HypoPara’s visibility and awareness, encourage the growth of knowledge through the medical community, and advocate for overall medical advancement with regard to the disease.