We are excited to welcome the newest member to our Board of Directors: Chrissy Bonatch

Chrissy lives in Pennsylvania with her husband Dennis and three children. She has spent the majority of her life helping others in one form or another. With a degree in Psychology and Family Relations and a Masters in Human Resources, she has answered crisis hotlines, facilitated group therapy sessions, worked with insurance companies, and organized health fairs. She continues to be active in her community by being a member of the Junior Women’s Civic Club, which raises funds for local agencies, and is active in her children’s school activities. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2011, which caused her hypoparathyroidism. She has a passion for advocating for Hypopara and strives to help our community fight to ensure our needs are met.

Please join us in welcoming Chrissy!

If you want to raise awareness and support our mission consider volunteering with us. 



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