Medical Advisory Board

Join our Medical Advisory Board

HypoPara Support & Advocacy is currently seeking esteemed medical professionals to join our Medical Advisory Board. As a volunteer advisory Board Member, you will support HypoPara Support & Advocacy  in achieving our mission “to cultivate an empowered community of patients, family members, and medical allies working together to increase awareness, advance treatment options, and improve the lives of those living with hypoparathyroidism.” 

Medical Advisory Board Members should be physicians and/or researchers who share their knowledge and expertise with HypoPara Support & Advocacy and provide guidance and recommendations on our programs and services.

In exchange for your time, Medical Advisory Board Members will be published on our website, will be given opportunities to engage with members of the HypoPara community, and will connect with colleagues engaged in hypoparathyroidism treatment and research.

We’d love to discuss whether participating on our Medical Advisory Board is right for you.